Tulip Festival 2016

Today begins the 76th Tulip Festival in Orange City. For the next 3 days, we transform into a late 1800s Dutch village complete with costumes, parades and, of course, Festival food.

You can check out my photos of the Festival by clicking on the SESSIONS tab and selecting what part of the Festival you want to see.


Find Yourself!



If you were involved in the Tulip Festival this year, I may have captured you in action. I love shooting during the Festival with all of it’s fun, color and action. To enjoy reliving it through my photographs just click on the “Sessions” tab at the top of this page. At the bottom of the Sessions page you will see the various categories I divide the Festival into. Click on the area(s) you volunteered in and you will be taken to a page where you enter your email (which is only used to allow you to view the session online) and click “login” to see all of my images from that part of the Festival.

You can purchase a copy of yourself in action either online or at the studio by messaging me, emailing, calling or stopping into the studio. Enjoy!

Hello world!

Welcome to our revised website! It’s been in the planning for several months and I’m pleased to share our new logo, pages, and information.  Your comments and suggestions about the revised site are appreciated.

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